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The Best Butter Burgers

My boyfriend, Luke, is kind of obsessed with burgers.  They’re pretty much his favorite meal, so when he told me he had found the best burger recipe I was very intrigued. He agreed to share the recipe in a blog post, so without further ado, read more

Mexican Lasagna

Every Wednesday my friends and I get together to cook dinner and watch American Horror Story (I just started watching this season, if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out!).  This week we decided to make Mexican Lasagna and I’m read more

Chili and Cornbread

Need an easy, delicious, hearty meal?  May I suggest chili and cornbread!  I absolutely love chili (mainly as an excuse to eat copious amounts of cheese and sour cream) and it’s super simple to make, especially if you make it in a crock-pot read more