The Best Butter Burgers

My boyfriend, Luke, is kind of obsessed with burgers.  They’re pretty much his favorite meal, so when he told me he had found the best burger recipe I was very intrigued. He agreed to share the recipe in a blog post, so without further ado, here it is.

Best Butter Burger

The search for the best burger recipe has led me to try a lot of different variations of the American classic.  I’ve tried adding egg yolk, bread crumbs, and all kinds of spices to the patty, and topped it with about every condiment known to man.  Through all of this trial and error I’ve come up with what I think is the best burger around – it’s simple and can be customized to your liking, but it’s the best original burger out to use as a base.  Here it is, the best butter burger!

Best Butter Burger

Start by getting  fresh beef short ribs.  Trim the meat but leave the softer fat though because that gives this burger its juicy flavor!

Best Butter Burger

Cut the cleaned meat into strips.

Put the strips in your blender or food processor (my Ninja blender worked great!).

Best Butter Burger

Pulse the blender several times for no more than a few seconds per pulse.  Scrape the sides several times and keep pulsing until you have ground beef consistency.

Best Butter Burger

Cover your ground short rib and put it in the fridge, then get your grill started up.

Pat out your patties, then place a dimple in their centers.  Salt and pepper them well (don’t skimp too much on the salt) and coat them in melted butter.

Best Butter Burger

Grill the patties to your liking (I let them brown on each side and then cook them just a bit longer for a medium rare/medium burger).

Best Butter Burger

You’ll also want to butter and grill your buns – Brioche buns works best to capture all the juices!

Best Butter Burger

Place your cheese on the burger right before it’s done cookie, then assemble the burger and grill the whole thing, for a minute in the low heat area of the grill.

Best Butter Burger


Best Butter Burger



Butter Burgers

Makes 4 burgers


2 pounds of beef short ribs

4 tablespoons butter – melted

4 Brioche buns

Your choice of sliced cheese

Salt, pepper

– Cut the meat off of the rib bone and trim the large fat and gristle  

– Cut the trimmed meat into 1″ strips and place in a blender/food processor

– Pulse the blender/food processor several times (for no more than a few seconds each pulse) until you have the desired ground beef consistency

– Refrigerate the ground beef for 45 minutes to an hour

– Form patties that are about 1/3 to 1/2 pound in size (this should give you four patties) with a dimple in their centers

– Cover the patties with half of a tablespoon of butter each and then salt and pepper them

– Grill the patties to your liking, flipping only once

– Butter the Brioche buns with the remaining butter and grill the buns

– Place cheese on the patties and the patties on the buns, then grill the assembled burgers for an additional minute

– Enjoy the Best Butter Burgers!

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  1. Kim W. Cuculis says:

    Lots of good animal fats so this recipe is a winner!!!

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