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Weekend Wonderings: World Book Day 2017

I have always loved reading. For as long as I can remember books have been an important part of my life, starting with my mom reading me the Little House on the Prairie books before I could read them on my own. I still remember the smell of those books

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Coconut Curry Mussels

Coconut Curry Mussels * Once In A Blue Spoon

You know those times when you want a meal that seems super fancy, but in actuality is really simple? These Coconut Curry Mussels are perfect for just that occasion.

I was at a restaurant in downtown Silver Spring a few years ago when I first had coconut

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Salted White Chocolate Popcorn with Peanut M&Ms

Salted White Chocolate Popcorn * Once in a Blue Spoon

Salted white chocolate popcorn with peanut m&m’s is my new favorite sweet and salty snack!

This is a BIG deal because I’m really not that crazy about white chocolate. I mean it’s candy so sure I’ll still eat it, but 10 times

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