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March 2017: A Review

Happy April everyone! I can feel spring in the air! The flowers in our apartment complex are in full bloom and my morning walks with Minnie are FULL of bird chasing (this means staring down the birds then going crazy at the end of her leash read more

February 2017: A Review

As I type this Miss Minnie is trying her very best to distract me with a toy for a game of fetch, and she’s so cute it’s hard to say no! Because of this I’m just going to cut read more

January 2017: A Review

I found so many delicious recipes to share with you this month, there are some real gems in here! So without further ado, here you go 🙂

My 3 Most Viewed Posts of January 2017

S’mores Cookies – no campfire required. 

Peanut read more