Weekend Wonderings 2 – Podcasts!

Hello! I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend, I’m loving this weather, still hot, but not ridiculously humid (at least not yesterday, today is a bit muggy). I’m trying to enjoy the last of summer because I feel like before I know it there’s going to be snow on the ground (yes, I know this is  a bit overdramatic…) I went for a walk through my apartment complex this morning, and I was able to catch up on some podcasts!

Weekend Wonderings * Once In A Blue Spoon

Like a lot of people I started listening to podcasts when everyone was obsessed with Serial (I gave into the peer pressure and I’m glad). Since then I’ve discovered a variety of other podcasts that I listen to on walks or during my morning and evening bus rides.

Weekend Wonderings * Once In A Blue Spoon

I’ve split them up into 3 categories, food related (kind of a no brainer since this is a food blog), science (because chemistry grad student and nerd go hand in hand) and other, which are kind of a hodge podge of random things I enjoy. Check these out and let me know what you’re listening to!



  • Gastropod – This is probably my favorite podcast, it combines food and science, so you I always learn something interesting. My favorite episode is this one on the science of flavors.
  • America’s Test Kitchen – I like that every episode is broken down into segments ranging from asnwering caller questions, testing gadgets, creating new recipes, to  interviewing experts in a certain culinary related field.
  • A Taste of The Past – Each episode focuses on a different topic, one of my favorites is this one about the history of cookbooks and recipes.
  • Bon Appetit – From the makers of the magazine, check out the ice cream and summer cocktail episodes. 
  • Go Fork Yourself – Hosted by Andrew Zimmern (the guy from Bizzarre Foods) and Molly Mogren, the two talk about a little bit of everything, but a majority of the episodes focus on a guest or certain topic. I loved this episode where they talk to Trisha Yearwood.


  • Science Vs – First, the host is Austrailian, so listening to it is great, but it’s also super interesting because it brings together some different scientific studies on hot topics, like this episode on the paleo diet.
  • The Science Hour from BBC – This is a roundup of science news from the week.
  • The Guardian Science Weekly – Another weekly science news summary.
  • Star Talk Radio – With Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about hot topics in science with humor, I really like the episodes with Bill Nye about GMOs.
  • 60 Second Science – Minute long episodes with new science findings.  
  • Science Elements –  A short podcast summarizing a paper recently published in an American Chemical Society Journal.
  • Science Friday – Each week there are two episodes, in a talk show-like format, they discuss current events, and then focus on special segments.



Bonus, if you’re a blogger, you should check out Food Blogger Pro Podcast and Season With Sass, they’ve both got some great tips for blogging!


What should I add to my podcast lists?

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