Truckeroo Part 2

You may remember my last post about Truckeroo, a monthly food truck festival held right outside the National’s stadium in DC.  Well, it was so delicious I decided I had to go again, so Friday night my roommate and I headed to Truckeroo for dinner and dessert.  As we always do, we decided to split everything so we could try even more food!


First we went to The Big Cheese for a delicious Thrilled Cheese, which was chipotle cheddar, jalapenos, and guacamole on sourdough bread.  Now, if you know me at all, you know I love guacamole so this was the natural choice!

The Big Cheese

Big Cheese Menu

I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the absolute best grilled cheese I’ve ever head, the bread was thick and crisp, and the creamy guacamole went perfectly with the slight spice of the cheese and jalapenos.

Thrilled Cheese

Next we got in the monstrous line for TaKorean, the Korean BBQ taco truck.


TaKorean menu

We ordered one Bulgogi steak taco, which was beef in a sweet, spicy, soy based sauce with Napa-Romaine slaw, and two tangy chicken tacos (chicken in a sweet chili, ginger, soy sauce with spicy kimchi style slaw.  All of the tacos came with Sriarcha, lime crema, cilantro, and sesame seeds.  After I bit into the tacos I understood why the line was so long!

TaKorean tacos

For our last dinner course we went to Feelin’ Crabby for some absolutely amazing crab sliders that we’d seen when we were in line for the tacos.

Feelin' Crabby

The sliders consisted of soft rolls with a delicious crab salad.  The salad consisted of very large lumps of crab with a very light mayonnaise dressing with lemon and a healthy sprinkling of old bay.

crab sliders

Right next to the Feelin’ Crabby truck was the Sinplicity ice cream truck.


Sinplicity menu

We ordered the Tipsy Strawberry Sinwich and it was absolutely sinfully delicious!

tipsy strawberry sinwichStrawberry Ice Cream with chocolate chunks with layer of margarita custard, all sandwiched between two berry macaroons.


Our last stop was That Cheesecake Truck for a slice of key lime cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate.

that cheesecake truck

It was the perfect combination of creamy, tangy, and sweet.

chocolate dipped key lime

cheesecake pop

The musical entertainment for the night was The Morrison Brothers Band, a really awesome band that you should all become fans of!

The Morrison Brothers Band

It was another great night at Truckeroo and I highly suggest you go to the next one on September 6th if you’re in the DC area, I definitely plan on being there!

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