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Iced Lemon Cheesecake Cookies

As I mentioned in my 2015 recap post, I got a KithcenAid mixer for Christmas and as promised, I am bringing you a new cookie recipe! 

I had some lemons in the fridge, so I bring you Iced Lemon Cheesecake Cookies, they’re soft and sweet with read more

Homemade Amaretto (or whiskey) Sours

I have a new website!  You may notice that I now have my very own domain here at onceinabluespoon.com!  I was running out of space on my old site (since I apparently take a lot of pictures… oops) so I decided to branch out and start my own read more

Mixed Herb Pesto

When we moved into our apartment one of the things my roommate and I discovered was that plants and curtains make things feel homey and look completely decorated so I bought a lot of houseplants and herb plants.  After awhile we had an abundance of read more