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Coconut Caramelitas

Coconut Caramelitas * Once in a Blue Spoon

Today I present to you, ooey gooey coconut caramelitas! What is a coconut caramelita, you ask? Basically the most delcious baked good!

Coconut caramletias are coconut studded oatmeal cookies sandwiching sweet and sticky homemade caramel with chocolate

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Oreo Birthday Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oreo Birthday Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies * Once in a Blue Spoon

I made the most of my snow day last Tuesday by busting out the sprinkles and chocolate to bake these amazing oreo birthday cake chocolate chip cookies!

I really hate the cold so my ideal snow day consists of baking, drinking something hot (I suggest

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Brownies

Strawberry Cream Cheese Brownies * Once in a Blue Spoon

I have the most amazing Strawberry Cream Cheese Brownies for you today! They are so rich and fudgy with sweet strawberries and just a touch of tang from the cream cheese.

I modified this recipe from my current most used cookbook, Dessert for Two: Sweet

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