Peeps S’mores

This past weekend my family had our first campfire of the year (hooray for warm weather)!  My favorite part of campfires are hands down, without a doubt, s’mores (chocolate AND gooey, melty sugar? yes please).  When it comes to making s’mores I have very strong opinions on proper assembly, two marshmallows, and a half a bar of chocolate (don’t even try that three square nonsense) are absolute necessities, I take my s’mores VERY seriously!  However, this weekend I strayed from my go to, and used marshmallow peeps in place of plain marshmallows.  The result?  Delciousness!  The sugar crystals on the outside of the peeps harden slightly, tasting almost like the burnt sugar top of creme brulee.


peeps smores

Break a graham cracker in half and top one half with half of a Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Roast your peeps over the fire until they’re swollen and slightly browned all round.


peeps over fire

Once your peeps are done place them on top of the chocolate.

peeps on chocolate

Cover the peeps with the second half of a graham cracker, and enjoy!

peeps smores 2


ps bite


Peeps S’mores

Serves 1


1 graham cracker

1/2 of a Hershey’s chocolate bar (1.55 oz bar)

2 marshmallow peeps


– Break the graham cracker in half and place the chocolate on top of one half of the cracker

– Place the peeps on a long fork and toast over a fire, rotating until peeps are lightly browned on all sides

– Carefully place the toasted peeps on top of the chocolate and cover with the remaining graham cracker half



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