November and December 2014: A (Very Late) Review

You read that right, this is my review for November and December. Somehow (and by somehow I mean my Second Year Seminar and finals) the past two months got away from me (read were a giant blur) and here we are in 2015.  Believe me, I had every intention of writing blog posts, my phone is full of pictures of food I’ve made and I have approximately 29843 (give or take a few…) pieces of paper with recipes scribbled on them covering me desk, but I just haven’t found the time to actually sit down and turn them into a coherent (or if I’m being honest, babbling) blog post. That being said I know I’ve been seriously slacking on blogging and I really do miss it (A LOT) which is why I’m making it one of my resolutions to blog more regularly in 2015 (yes, I know it’s already the second week in January, but procrastination has always been my strong suit, so better late than never, right?). So pull up a char, grab a mug of something delicious (I’m currently sipping on my first flat white, I gotta say, I’m not super impressed, I mean, it’s not bad, but I think I would prefer a regular old latte or cappuccino), put on some tunes (I’ve been listening to T. Swift’s album pretty much nonstop when it came out… don’t hate me) and prepare for some very drool-worthy foodporn.

Since this is so late I’m just gonna go ahead and do a top 5 recipes from 2015 for my blog rather than linking you to November and December (I know, things are getting crazy up in here).

My Top 5 Most Viewed Recipes from 2014

  1. The Best Butter Burgers – These are some seriously juicy, buttery, pretty much melt-in-your-mouth, burgers and they got the seal of approval from my burger loving boyfriend.              Best Butter Burger
  2. Homemade Amaretto (or Whiskey) Sours – If  you’ve never had homemade sours mix before you’ve never really had a sour, click on this link and go make right now (seriously, why are you still reading…)   Amaretto Sours - Once In A Blue Spoon
  3. Grilled Fresh Fish Tacos with Sriracha Lime Slaw – Anyone who knows me at all knows me I LOVE tacos (and Mexican food in general) so when I saw these are AMAZING you should not take that lightly, they’re seriously good stuff! Grilled Fresh Fish Tacos with Sriracha Slaw - by Once in a Blue Spoon
  4. Charcoal Seared Flat Iron Steak – It’s a shame there’s snow on the ground right now because I could really go for some of this amazingly tender and flavorful steak right now.                 Seared Flatiron Steak
  5. Zucchini Banana Bread Muffins with Coconut Brown Sugar Cinnamon Topping – Muffins are a great excuse to eat sweets for breakfast, and these are even loaded with fruit and veggies so that basically makes them healthy (logic).  Zucchini Banana Bread Muffin with Coconut Brown Sugar Cinnamon Topping

My Top 10 Favorite Links: November 2014

  1. I think these Salted Caramel Apple Popcorn Bars (from The Cookie Rookie) look like such a fun combination!

    Salted Caramel Apple Popcorn Bars! AMAZING! Like Rice Crispie Treats but wayyy better. - The Cookie Rookie

    From The Cookie Rookie

  2. These Reverse Shepard’s Pie (from Bev Cooks) sound like a hearty and creative dinner. Side-note, I’ve gotten hooked on Bev’s blog in the last few months and I discovered (read stalked) her Instagram which is chalk full of pictures of her absolutely adorable twins.

    Reverse Shepherd's Pie / Bev Cooks

    From Bev Cooks

  3. Chocolate Challah Bread Pudding (The Food Gays) looks super rich, decadent, and delicious !

    Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

    From The Food Gays

  4. I really like making Chinese food at home and this Honey Sesame Chicken (from Foodie Anonymous) will most definitely be happening.

    Honey Sesame Chicken -

    From Foodie Anonymous

  5. I’m not generally a huge pie fan but I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie and this Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie (from Healthy Seasonal Recipes) adds my favorite thing (chocolate, duh), so it has to be amazing!

    Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving

    From Healthy Seasonal Recipes

  6. If someone could make me this Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon w/ Sweet Cranberry Chutney and Salt Roasted Potatoes (from Half Baked Harvest) for dinner that would be swell.

    Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon w/Sweet Cranberry Chutney + Salt Roasted Potatoes | @hbharvest

    From Half Baked Harvest

  7. These are basically nutella in cookie form, Double Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (from Savory Nothings), so how could that be bad?

    These soft and chewy Double Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are full of chocolate, more chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts! You're going to want to make some of these because the recipe is easy to whip up and they're going to be a hit for sure! Adapted from Sally's Baking Addiction.

    From Savory Nothings

  8. In my opinion brussels sprouts are an extremely under-appreciated vegetable, especially if they’re prepared liked this: Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic, Cranberries, Goat Cheese and Walnuts (from Pretty Plain Janes).


    From Pretty Plain Janes

  9. I really like the combination of cranberry and orange, so this Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail with Brandied Cranberries (from The Little Epicurean) sounds perfect!

    Thanksgiving Cocktail: Cranberry Orange Bourbon

    From The Little Epicurean

  10. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Tart (from What’s Gaby Cooking) has a potato chip crust, I repeat, a potato chip crust, I don’t have any more words, so just stare at this picture:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Tart

    From What’s Gaby Cooking


My Top 10 Favorite Links: December 2014

  1. These Chocolate Covered Coconut Marshmallows (from How Sweet Eats) combine three of my favorite things, and as a bonus the blog is hilarious, seriously, in the past two months I’ve read an embarrassing number of Jess’s blog posts because she is just too funny.

    chocolate covered coconut marshmallows I

    From How Sweet Eats

  2. I don’t know why, but I never would have thought to make Indian meatballs like these Indian Turkey Meatballs (from Bev Cooks) but I’m so glad they exist, they look so delicious!

    Indian Turkey Meatballs over Rice / Bev Cooks

    From Bev Cooks

  3. Gingerbread Layer Cake with Salted Caramel Whiskey (from Top With Cinnamon) looks like heaven, I ask for gingerbread cake every year for my birthday, I think this just might be my request for next year.

    Gingerbread Layer Cake with Salted Whiskey Caramel

    From Top with Cinnamon

  4. I’m all about any excuse to eat guacamole and these Chili Chicken Arepas with Guacamole (from Dance of Saucepans) look so unique!

    Chili Chicken Arepas with Guacamole

    Fro Dance of Saucepans

  5. This Funfetti Sheet Cake (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) is full of little bits of colored happiness (aka sprinkles) and I would like some right now, thanks.
  6. Looking at the rainy/snowy forecast for tomorrow really makes me wish I had a big bowl of this Fish Chowder with Copper River Salmon (from Foodie Crush).

    Thai Fish Chowder with Copper River Salmon |

    From Foodie Crush

  7. Shortbread Cookie Bark (from Big Bang Bites) sounds like a super easy and delicious recipe for satisfying your sweet tooth.

    Shortbread Cookie Bark | Big Bang Bites |

    From Big Bang Bites

  8. I love literally everything about these Sweet and Spicy Pomegranate and Poblano Chicken Enchiladas (from Cooking for Keeps).

    Sweet and Spicy Pomegranate and Poblano Chicken Enchiladas 4

    From Cooking for Keeps

  9. Chocolate and Salted Caramel New Year’s Eve Tart (from Probably Baking) looks like pretty much everything I could want, I mean, Beau puts caramel popcorn on a chocolate tart, delicious genius.


    From Probably Baking

  10. Confession, I have never actually eat a passion fruit, however, I am very much willing to try in order to have this Passioned Green Tea Whiskey (from Lady and Pups) cocktail.


    From Lady and Pups



What were your favorite links?? Tell me, tell me!

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