July 2016: A Review

July was full of crazy fun travel for me! If you follow me on instagram you know Luke and I traveled to Athens, Santorini, and Paris. After Luke left I headed to Montpellier to spend a week at a lab there for a collaboration. The trip was full of adventures, gorgeous sights, and absolutely delicious food! We took a million pictures and I have several blog posts planned as I sift through everything. I’ve just settled back into normal life (begrudgingly) which means cooking in my own kitchen again (one thing I’m actually looking forward to). I’ve found some amazing recipes I definitely want to try out and I think you’ll like them too!


My 3 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Month

  1. The Farmer’s Daughter – Chincoteague, VA: simple, fresh seafood, so tasty! The Farmer's Daughter - Chincoteague Virginia * Once In A Blue Spoon
  2. Cold Brew Iced Coffee: The best way to get your summer caffeine fix. Cold Brew Iced Coffee with Caramel * Once In A Blue Spoon
  3. The Best Butter Burgers: Juicy burgers, full of flavor. Best Butter Burger * Once In A Blue Spoon

My 10 Favorite Links of the Month

  1. Doesn’t this No-Churn Sugar Roasted Peach Pie Ice Cream (from How Sweet Eats) just scream perfect summer treat? 

    no-churn sugar roasted peach pie ice cream I howsweeteats.com

    From How Sweet Eats

  2. If you’ve been reading for any amount of time you know I LOVE tacos, and these Easy Chili Lime Fish Tacos (from Pinch of Yum) definitely caught my eye! 

    Chili Lime Fish Tacos - mind-blowingly delicious and easy. 5 basic ingredients for the fish, and a quick peach salsa to add some color and flavor.

    From Pinch of Yum

  3. I’m always looking for new ways to eat more s’mores so these Gooey Almond Cookie S’mores Bars (from Picky Palate) are perfect! 

    Gooey Almond Cookie S'mores Bars

    From Picky Palate

  4. Asian Noodle Salad (from Well Plated) is the perfect summer dinner! 

    Asian Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing. This is the BEST cold pasta salad recipe! Whole wheat pasta mixed with crunchy veggies in a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Packed with flavor, healthy, and filling too! @wellplated

    From Well Plated

  5. Let’s all relax and sip Strawberry Mojitos (from Recipe Girl) poolside while we soak up every last bit of summer! 

    Strawberry Mojitos recipe - RecipeGirl.com

    From Recipe Girl

  6. How gorgeous is this Blackberry Balsamic Grilled Chicken Salad with Crispy Fried Goat Cheese (from Closet Cooking)??? And the fried goat cheese, yes! 

    Blackberry Balsamic Grilled Chicken Salad with Crispy Fried Goat Cheese

    From Closet Cooking

  7. My favorite Girl Scout cookie in cold treat form – Samoa Icebox Cake (from Brown Eyed Baker). 

    Samoa Icebox Cake: A classic no-bake dessert that features all of the classic flavors of one of the most popular Girl Scout cookies - Samoas!

    From Brown Eyed Baker

  8. This Marinated Skirt Steak with Chimichurri (from Grandbaby Cakes) looks so flavorful. 

    Marinated Skirt Steak with Chimichurri | Grandbaby Cakes

    From Grandbaby Cakes

  9. Unbelievable Peanut Butter Pie (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) looks so decadently delicious, creamy, rich, yum! 

    No bake peanut butter pie complete with Oreo crust, Reese's Pieces, rich and thick peanut butter filling, and smooth chocolate ganache! Recipe on sallysbakingaddiction.com

    From Sally’s Baking Addiction

  10. With all the hot weather we’ve been having across the country these Melon Lemonade Margarita Popsicles (from Half Baked Harvest) are just what the doctor ordered! 

    Melon Lemonade Margarita Popsicles | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

    From Half Baked Harvest


Here’s to many delicious dishes in August, share what you’ll be making in the comments below!

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