Dutch Oven Strawberry Cobbler

Growing up surrounded by orchards, fruit stands, and farm markets meant our refrigerator was always stocked with delicious produce throughout the summer and fall which was fantastic because I absolutely love fresh fruit.  Some of my favorite summer desserts use fresh fruit as the star ingredient, like this delicious strawberry cobbler.  My cousin introduced us to this recipe using canned peaches during a camping trip but my dad and I adapted it to use fresh fruit and tried it with peaches, strawberries, and a variety of other fresh fruits.  It’s super, super easy, and you can make it over a fire or in the oven.  This past weekend we had an abundance of fresh, delicious strawberries, so we decided to make strawberry cobbler.


First cap and halve your strawberries and put them in a dutch oven lined with parchment paper (or a dutch oven liner) then sprinkle the berries with brown sugar and cinnamon.

strawberries brown sugar and cinnamon

Next dump a boxed white cake mix over the top and even it out over the top.  Place a stick of butter cut up in pats over the top of the cake mix.

cake mix and butter

Put the lid on the dutch oven.

dutch oven lid

If you’re working outside place a piece of foil down with fire embers or charcoal briquets, and place the dutch oven on top, then put more embers or charcoal briquets on top.

dutch oven with embers

Cook for an hour (or until done) turning every 15 minutes, this is what it looks like about halfway through the cooking process.

cobbler partway cooked

If you’re cooking in the oven bake at 350 ºF for an hour or until done.  It will be golden brown, and bubbly, and delicious!


Serve it up with some ice cream and whipped cream.  It’s the PERFECT summer treat!

strawberry cobbler with ice cream


Dutch Oven Strawberry Cobbler

Serves: 8


2 pints fresh strawberries

brown sugar


1 box white cake mix

1 stick butter

vanilla ice cream (for serving)

whipped cream (optional for serving)

– Cap and halve strawberries and place in a lined dutch oven

– Sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon over the strawberries

– Dump the boxed cake mix over the strawberries and distribute evenly

– Place pats of butter evenly spaced on top of the cake mix

– Cover the dutch oven with the lid

– If cooking outdoors:  Place fire embers or charcoal briquets on a sheet of foil and place dutch oven on top (make sure the embers aren’t actually touching the bottom of the dutch oven as this will create hot spots and uneven cooking).  Place more embers or charcoal briquets on the lid.  Cook for 60-90 minutes (depending on heat), turning the oven 1/4 turn and the lid 1/4 turn in the opposite direction every 15 minutes until done.

– If cooking in the oven: Bake at 350° for 60 minutes (or until done)

– Serve with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

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