2nd Blogiversary

Happy 2 years to Once in a Blue Spoon!  I want to thank each and every one of you who has ever read my blog 🙂  When I first started this blog I just thought it would be a hobby I did for myself that my family would occasionally read but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people view my site, so again, thank you!

Keeping in the theme of last years blogiversary post I’m going to give you the top recipes from Once in a Blue Spoon, but first, let’s throw it back to last year!


Top 3 Posts for the 1st year:

1. Blueberry Sugar Cookies – An incredibly delicious soft sugar cookie

blueberry sugar cookies

2. Chili and Cornbread – Made in the slow-cooker, super easy!

chili and cornbread
3. Penne with Vodka Sauce – One of my favorite pasta sauces

penne with vodka sauce

Top 10 Posts for Once in a Blue Spoon

1. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – Such an amazing summer time treat

dutch oven peach cobbler

2. Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies – Probably my favorite cookies, everyone I make them for agrees

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
3. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Peanut Butter Icing – Rich cake, creamy icing, what’s not to love?

chocolate mayonnaise cake with peanut butter icing
4. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – soft, moist, delicious!

banana chocolate chip cookies
5. Dutch Oven Strawberry Cobbler – tangy, sweet, so yummy!

dutch oven strawberry cobbler
6. Chili and Cornbread – A repeat from last years top 3, this recipe’s a keeper

chili and cornbread
7. Sweet Potato Fries with Greek Yogurt-Sour Cream Dipping Sauce – Way better than the fast food variety

sweet potato fries with yogurt sauce
8. Blueberry Sugar Cookies – Another recipe from last year, if you try them you’ll know why

blueberry sugar cookies
9. Dutch Oven Breakfast Casserole – Breakfast of champions

dutch oven breakfast casserole
10. Penne with Vodka Sauce – Make it, you can thank me later

penne with vodka sauce

Thank you all again for reading my blog!

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